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Gagamirano currently has 48 mm size hand winding (SS case, PG case, limited / PVD), 48 mm size quartz chrono, 46 ​​mm size quartz, 40 mm size quartz, square type, color difference etc etc There are many variations. In Gagamirano’s classic manulet 48MM, this is 5010.6 that is popular. Another name, Honda player model can you understand? In contrast to Gagamirano, in contrast to colorful images, a stainless steel case and a black dial on a pure white belt. It gives a very cool impression. If this model, turn it on and off, you can use properly. Mineral glass windshield in stainless steel case, colorful belt of silicone rubber, unique index that seems to come out so far is the unique impact of Gagamirano. The date display between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock is also a design unique to this model. 100m waterproof function, lugs Deploy two buttons on the left and right, chronograph also sticking to the functional aspect. Flagship model of Gagamirano “Manuare 48 mm” is 16 mm thick against “Slim 46 MM” Thin case about 11 mm thick. It is a buddy that colors business scenes that combine design and functionality by not having bending of the shirt cuffs when wearing a suit from the thinness and mounting quartz movement.

Gagamirano was born in the city of Milan in Italy in 2004 with the watch brand Gaga. Gaga Milano – Karika from the idea that he is a talented producer of the wrist watch belt and is also a passionate enthusiast of the watch himself, Mr. Ruben · Tomella’s “Lugging the pocket watch of the 1900s and making it into a wristwatch” · Manuare line is created. GaGa (gaga) is a phrase unique to Milanese and means “dandy”. Based on the “classical” clock, I wanted to show newness, originally being a concept from the old “pocket watch” to a watch made through a belt, the material is titanium, carbon etc. It is said that it represented the freshness using the near future future of. I am fascinated by its originality and celebrities by many celebrities. Gagamirano’s popular products 48 mm series are Manuarere series, Chrono Quartz, Napoleone. Designed by Gagamirano ‘s masterpiece “Manuarere series” 48 mm series, 48 ​​mm big face dial with highly unique index, combining the strength and sense of impact. Hollywood stars and sports players are also popular models of many loyal users. An original case born from a pocket watch impresses a stylish Italian fashion.

“Gaga” is a unique phrase of Milanese, meaning “dandy” (a man who keeps attention to details in his own values ​​and pretends himself with his own way of doing things). With this spirit of Gaga as a source of inspiration, Gaga Milano watch copy The watch brand Gaga was born in the city of Milan. Gaga Milano – Karika from the idea of ​​Ruben · Tomella, a passionate lover of the wrist watch himself as a producer of a watch belt, and “I made a rug on the pocket watch of the 1900s and make it into a wristwatch” · Manuare line is created.

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